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Hidden dangerous 2 instruction manual

(Optional) gear essential N/A gear recommended 1x Bazooka and mines from Mosque If you have Sabre Squadron installed this mission plays slightly differently so the braun thermoscan 6022 manual svenska first walkthrough plan is less effective, you have to be quick to set-up as unlike the original the clock.
Theres still one more, in the building opposite the Kubelwagon, open the door, lean in and shoot him.
Do not sound the alarm on the Tirpitz.
Shoot the two in the left hand bunker through the slit then watch for more above you, two to the right, one to the left, the cover you left behind at the tree should take them out.Sneak him forward through the wire and take out any guards on the back wall, watch for one in the building to the right of the Kubelwagon.Get back to the hole in wire fence and to the instructor.Take the other two at the corner and clear any enemies around the ruins, move along the wall then up the break in thw all on the right, the truck you need is below, jump a man down and talk to the driver, ahead.Mission 1: First Strike (Arctic 1).It is the second installment and the direct sequel to 2K Czech's predecessor.Find the Japanese officer's katana.You can then head home without having to kill another guard.Move the sniper and buddy forward watching the area peachtree to quickbooks conversion tool past the Kubelwagon for more enemies near the piles of bricks.
Move the sniper to where barrier is and snipe down the road, one on the left at next junction and two more ahead.Get on your belly and at creep or walk speed, move across the road.Distribute the mines between the two men, take one bazooka and move him to the main entrance and mine it, then move to the left side by the ladder but stay out of sight.No need to use a silenced weapon here, just be quick.Take the tank back to the bunker where the remainder of the squad is and order them to follow to get them.Find the entrance to the underground.For further infos and especially if you are running the m version of HD2, please read the article written by TechGremlin.A b Durham., Joel (November 5, 2003)."Hidden Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron".Snipe the walking guard and throw timed grenades at the entrance to the buildings, 5-6 enemies will run out when the first shot is fired.Crawl another man towards the nearest building and grenade the two guards (one sitting) in the yard ahead, let the sniper take out the two walking guards on the road any more that come running.Retrieved February 9, 2015.Stop here briefly and wait for any more to run from the left between the fences.