One way you week could go about it is week to start off with the low strength end on all of the set and rep counts.
I know this is subjective but I believe with all the abdominal work in training the 12 week program this really helped my core.
30, 35, program 30 and 35 minutes.After you strength complete this 12 week workout program you can program go through the program again and strive to beat your personal best lifts from the first time through.For example, if in strength the decline bench press you worked up to doing 5 reps with 200 lbs.I didn't make the middleweight class like I had hoped, but even as the lightest competitor (178 lbs.) in the light-heavyweight class I still managed to place 3rd.The more data you have on yourself, the better you can tinker with variables such as increasing reps, sets, or weight used during your workouts, increasing the hours you sleep each night, increasing the amount of cardio you do each week, and/or increasing or decreasing.If you can't get all 5 x 5 or you found them extremely difficult, keep the same weight for your next workout.With all of the incorrect information out there, its tough to find something that actually works.

Our, bMR calculator will help you know how many calories you need to maintain your current body weight.
Another way you could progress is to keep your reps and sets the same throughout the whole 12 weeks.
Fat intake should be approximately 20-30 of your daily calories.
12 Week Program Expectations, over the next 12 weeks your goals and expectations are: Fat Loss - solomon To week lose at least 10 pounds of fat.If you are a bigger guy, or have a fair amount of muscle mass, then eat 200 to 220 today grams of protein per day.For women, starting a new weight training program can be a daunting and frustrating process.Question In the 12 week workout program it seems that you change exercises ninja every three weeks and my question is in regards the larger muscle groups.What Should I Do After the 12 weeks?You want to not only look better, but have the fitness xlsm level and strength to match your new body.Week 6 - 3 low carb days with 2200 calories, 3 moderate carbs days with 2300 calories, 1 high carb day of 2700 calories.12 Week Eating Plan for Women Week 1 - 3 low carb days with 1500 calories, 3 moderate carbs days with 1600 calories, 1 high carb day of 1900 calories.Wed love to help out, keep you motivated, and even feature your success.You must constantly throw "curve balls" bluetooth at your muscles to get them to grow.Week 11 - 3 low carb days with 2100 calories, 3 moderate carbs days with 2200 calories, 1 high carb day of 2700 calories.Moderate Carb Days - 3 days per week.Dead lifts : - do a couple warm up sets first - 5 volts sets of 5 reps (train heavy, but don't train to failure).