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Powyższa lista brzmi imponująco, mods ale często i gęsto zdarzają się rozbieżności miedzy teorią a praktyką.
Special to North Korea -.C.B.M.
Red Alert 2: Intelligence Tech mods is an unofficial modification (mod) for Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge.V2.0 Tech Paradrop superweapon is changed to gives all mods civilian automobiles, instead of soldiers because paradrops have all sides from mods their ariports.Jedna istotna uwaga na koniec w chwili pisania tego wpisu Mental Omega nie pozwala na zapisywanie i odczytywanie zapisów gry.You alert mods can be calm for now AI (computer player) doesn't know to use the power expansions.Global:.3 News: global: - Electrical Poles ware converted from terrarian objects to buildings, damage and buildup animation frames ware created and included.Wielding strange new technologies and hungering for revenge, the Soviet Army invades alert America.

North Korea is added as fully new country.
Yuri side is replaced with Japan.
Mental Omega jako 600 megabajtów dobroci.
Invasion with 48 paradrops from different squads from all 3 sides carried by 6 planes gives a feel like Russian invasion with paradrops on Pentagon in first Soviet campaign in original Red Alert.
Special to USA - Drone episode (U.A.V.).V2.0 Chronosphere now affects on: Deployed Mobile Stealth Generator, Deployed Soviet Siege Chopper and French Grand Cannon.American Drone UAV sometimes instead of crashing just goes down to infinitive spin loop.PowerPlant, Airport, Machine Shop, Secret Lab, Outpost, Hospital, while Oil Derrick was excluded because is not realistic to be able to be built everywhere on the map; ground doesn't contain oil everywhere.V2.1 New building to all sides: Resistance Warehouse Produces: Flint Westwood, Arnie Frankenfurter, Sammy Stallion; and enables: season -Barricades -Sandbags wall -Fences to be built while the gates left to be able to be built without need from this building.AI na studio poziomie studio Mental zamienia guide nieprzygotowanego gracza sound w szmatę do podłogi gra wygląda i działa dobrze nawet w rozdzielczościach, które ludzie nie wyobrażali sobie w dniu premiery Red Alert.This mod offers an installer.V2.1 Tech Airport changes: "Tech paradrops" now need both Tech Airport and Tech Outpost.V2.0 If subterannean or stealth type is detected EVA warnings and radar birds events should be generated.Using this building by AI (computer player) no makes any sense because computer anyway knows where the human player is located on the map and that is not a fair play.

Kretynoodporna instalacja, swoim zwyczajem w wpisie zostawiam 2 alert mods red też instrukcję instalacji moda.
Ma to jednak zostać naprawione w następnej aktualizacji moda.