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2000 ford ranger manual transmission fluid type

All speeds are fully synchronized with helical-cut gears. .
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The Toyo Koygo seems to be the more common of the Ranger / Bronco II manual transmissions.
Here is an example of a chart provided by the manufacturer of the Ford Ranger.Note: Synthetic Mercon (E6AZ-19582-B) owners manual honda civic 2010 may be used in extreme operating conditions to improve bearing life; extensive idling at less than -25 degrees F, severe duty at greater than 100 degrees.Many owners have went with synthetic transmission fluid hoping to extend the life of the transmission. .Speed, ratios, mitsubishi FM132,.9L 2WD 5-Speed, unknown, mitsubishi FM145.After time, the slave cylinder fails to release the clutch completely.Mitsubishi FM146,.9L Ranger 4X4 5-Speed.76 /.21 /.51 /.00 /.81.Wählen Sie aus, welches Problem mit dem Inhalt besteht.Check out m for a BW T-5 to BW 1350/1354 transfer case, or just for T-5 parts and info in general.You might wonder if you can use Dextron-III/Ford Mercon multipurpose automatic transmission (ATF) instead of motor oil.
They will be able to give you a recommendation.
It's true that manual transmissions do not generate nearly the amount of heat as automatics, but over time the transmission fluid in a manual engine will pick up bits of metal and other debris from the transmission components.
ALL THE parts your CAR will ever need are registered trademarks of RockAuto, LLC.The speed gears all run on needle bearings on the shafts. .Overall 4WD Length.937-Inches Adapter Length.750-Inches Toyo Koygo 4-Speed Code "X Overall Length of 24-Inches Adapter length.812-Inches long Toyo Koygo 83-87 Tremec World Class T4/T5 (Not a Ranger Transmission Advance Adapters offers kits to install this transmission with both the.9 V-6.It may use regular motor oil, heavyweight hypoid gear oil, or automatic transmission fluid.Otherwise, you might not know that your level is low until it is too late and your transmission is making alarming noises.You will need 3 plugs. .As you can see, it lists a variety of acceptable transmission fluids for this particular make and model, which was produced with either the Mazda M5OD 5-speed transmission or the 5-speed Mitsubishi transmission.Recommended Transmission Fluid for Ford Rangers.

The case configuration is also more rounded than the Mitsubishi. .