Disconnect the quick connect fitting.
XP DI Models The rear access cover and storage tray should be removed during storage.
Important: Schedule for watercraft seadoo rental operations or higher number of hour use, will require greater frequency of inspection and maintenance.
1 seadoo 2 8 F08J0AY owners 3 seadoo typical.82 ok Page 83 Thursday, August 21, 2003 2:54 PM maintenance warning Only perform procedures as detailed in this guide.Oz) Up to plug.A.: Not applicable Refer to load limit bombardier INC.Check the local regulations seadoo or consult your authorized manual Sea-Doo dealer.If it turns over, it will remain capsized.54 Water Flow in Cooling System (only when temperature is below or close to freezing point) In Northern areas, if watercraft is to be used manual when temperature is below or close to freezing point (0C (32F) or if watercraft was left unused while temperature was.See an authorized SEA-DOO dealer for servicing.

The reverse conversazione gate will be in downward position, directing all the thrust toward the front of the watercraft.
31) Flushing Connector (if so equipped) 1 A convenient connector is provided to alcione allow easy installation of a garden hose winrar to flush the cooling system.
Engine lubrication and flushing should manuale be performed keygen when the watercraft is not expected to be used manuale manuale further the same conversazione day or when the watercraft is stored for any extended time.
Check if melted.
Do not use reverse to stop the watercraft.Reverse gate in middle position To obtain reverse, pull shift lever completely.Limp Home Modes Besides the signals as seen above, the system may automatically set default parameters to the mpem to ensure the adequate operation of the watercraft if a component of the fuel injection system is not operating properly.Q Ensure that all passengers know how to swim and how to reboard the watercraft from the water.46 F18L0JY ok Page 47 Thursday, August 21, 2003 2:54 PM 30) Cooling System Bleed Outlet All Models F18L0TY F12L05Y 1 typical.10 A 107 ok Page 108 Thursday, August 21, 2003 2:54 PM GTI, GTI LE (6133/6134/6135/6136) models GTI RFI, GTI LE RFI (6137/6138/6139/6140) fuel system Type Fuel Minimum octane number Carburetor Fuel injection Regular unleaded gasoline Inside North America: 87 (R M 2 Outside North.Hose pincher below T-fitting Pour approximately 300 mL (10 oz) of antifreeze in the water regulator valve supply hose to allow antifreeze flowing through the valve and into muffler to protect.Incorrect fuel mixture (carburetor-equipped models).