Best for Zombie Survival: Dying Light: The Following at Amazon, A dynamic day and night player cycle with enemies growing more aggressive and scarier as the sun goes down.
Best Cinematic Experience: A Way Out A Way Out is made with a lot of heart, and will have you and a friend partaking in a deep and compelling story about two games prisoners set on working together to escape prison.
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There's no way to play it unless you do so without any 'bots of any kind.Kick back, relax and have fun with Little Big player Planet 3, a side-scrolling, two-player adventure game that feels like a walk in the park.Ice-freezing games projectiles and teleportation kicks, as well as being player able to perform Fatalities which are execution-style finishing moves).Little big planet is a 2 player co-op game where teamwork might not be the highest priority but its more like a game where you play alongside each other, there are few team work elements but theyre not many, for example in boss fights its.Mortal Kombat X pits two players to fight against each other using a variety of attacks and special movies (i.e.Despite being open world, offline the game is designed player with a tethering effect where youll have to stick together and complete various missions involving firefights, sneaking and a little bit of theatrical chaos.You can play the whole game in 2 player splitscreen which is just a great feature, I dont understand why more FPS are adding that feature.

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Best manual First-Person Shooter: Far Cry 5 at Amazon, A huge scale of register exciting action.
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Theres a few weapons you manual can unlock and you can also upgrade the weapons you like.
In this platformer shooter game you can play up to 4 players at once, and this is yet another fine example for game designers actually owners making a game thats suppose to be played by 2 or more players.Best for Fighting: Mortal Kombat X at Amazon, The ultimate fighting kamasutra game where you and your friend can duke it out virtually.Far Cry 5 allows you to set manual a status where any friends can join in whenever they want without you sending an player invite, making for a seamless drop-in, drop-out option.Diablo III: Ultimate Evil is a dungeon crawler action adventure RPG style game where and you and another player (both offline and online) can join forces and battle against hordes of monstrosities from the evil Diablo.Why would you say something liek that you are so mean.A lot of action and a lot of fun, its not much variation in this game mode manual but oddly enough that hasnt stopped us from playing it countless of times.Best for Racing: TrackMania Turbo at Amazon, The best two-player racing game on the list, with 4K resolution at 120 FPS.

Best 4 player ps3 games offline Isometric Shooter Adventure: HellDivers HellDivers is a top-down, isometric shooter game where players can join forces online or offline to fight in an intergalactic war.
Each class is good at certain things, theres the mage class that can heal and cast spells, then theres the tanky class that can take a beating and do damage to many enemies, and the stealthy archery ranger class thats good with a bow and.