Note: the front grill is manual on the opposite side from the fan motor.
Secure the machine so that it cannot slide or fall, even if air pressure during full speed operation and vibration are present.
No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin Professional A/S, Denmark.
Do not aim fog output at electrical connections or devices.
Image contenant plusieurs objets, certaines proches du caméscope, d'autres éloignés.Save manual this manual for future reference.A damaged cable or connector must be replaced with manual a new item, manual available from your JEM/Martin dealer.Using fans with smoke machines.Installin g a cord cap on the power cable On EU (230 V, 50/60 Hz) models, the power cable must be fitted with a grounding-type manual cord cap (earthed mains plug) that fits your power distribution system.Replace the fuse with one of the same rating and type.MF/AF (Manual Focus/Auto Focus).Mise au point manual automatique Il est préférable d'utiliser ce manual mode si vous n'avez pas l'habitude de filmer.

The power supply must have overload and ground-fault protection.
This will multiply both RUN and delay times.
Auto Focusing, if you are inexperienced in the use games of camcorders, we recommend that you make use of Auto Focus.
Do not use solvents.
This option allows the fan to xbox be games flown at any angle relative to the truss.In most situations, it is better to use the automatic controller focus feature, as it enables you to concentrate on the creative side of your recording.When using the built-in timer, operating periods and intervals between operating periods can be set independently.AF mode, shooting Functions While you are pressing Shutter halfway, the camera continues to automatic focusing.Introduction 5 Adjustable flying bracket offering 180 of tilt Can be flown or placed on a flat surface Rugged construction.For example, to set the DMX address to 101, you need to set DIP-switch pins 1, 3, 6 and 7 to ON, as highlighted in the table.Plug the XLR connector on the remote control cable into the remote IN plug on the connections plate (see controller Connections panels on page 4).AF-1 and AF-2 fans user manual service AND maintenance Any service procedure not described here should be referred to a qualified technician.Log in with Facebook or, create Account).3-pin locking XLR AC power.The manual AF-1 and AF-2 fans must be positioned well out of reach of the public.Installing control hardware 13 The DMX address on AF-1 and AF-2 fans can be set to any channel from 1 controller to 512 using DIP-switch pins 1 - 10:.Installing control hardware 11 AF-1 10 V xbox control installation AF-1 fan speed can be controlled by connecting a suitable analog 0 - 10 volts DC controller via the analog IN connector.