age of empires 2 cheats

Conqueror of empires the Teutons: You have now defeated the Teutons one hundred times in battle!
Foe of the Teutons: Through your various skills you have defeated the Teutons in battle.
Fix sound problems - AWE cheats freezes msync, resolution (800 x 600) - 800, resolution (1024 x 768) empires - 1024.
Did you make cheats your enemy pay for every empires one of your losses?Enemy of the Huns: In twenty conflicts you have defeated the Huns.One Hundred Hills: You have claimed one hundred hilltops!HOW DO YOU turn this.Master of all Civilizations: You have won at least one victory cheats against every civilization in Age of Empires.Everything is a milestone, every win, every loss, and every building that falls.Very few generals can match you victory for victory, and even fewer when using a random civilization.Hero of the Teutons: You have led the Teutons to victory one hundred times!Anytime, Anywhere: You have fought empires on every type of map, against every type of opponent in history.

You have singly defeated cheats five CPU opponents (at moderate difficulty or higher).
Hero of the Mayans: You have led the Mayans to victory one hundred times!
Hero of the Franks: You have led the Franks to victory one hundred times!
It is a beacon of hope to people everywhere, and if defended cheats a legacy of that achievement to stand the test of time.
Easy Wonder Defender achievement Start the map, and delete your Wonder to end the map.Enemy of the Celts: In twenty conflicts you have defeated the Celts.Steam achievements Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.If your reputation went up as quickly as you take buildings down you would be known world-wide.Defender of the Celts: Master of the Woad Raiders, you have led the Celts to victory fifty times.Burned: You have crumbled your five hundredth building into rubbleand you are just getting warmed.Foe of the Aztecs: Through your various skills you have defeated the Aztecs in battle.Congratulations that you persevere, mighty leader.Saladin Campaign Completed: By studying the campaigns of Salah al Din Abu l-Muzaffer Yusuf ibn Ayyub ibn Shadi, or Saladin as he was known to the crusaders you can know that there are many aspects cheats to the great heroes of antiquity.Tip: In a multiplayer game, the Enable Cheats box in the lower right corner must be checked in order for the codes to work.Foe of the Britons: Through your various skills you have defeated the Britons in battle.

Five Golden Victories: Congratulations!
In your career you have successfully converted fifty age of empires 2 cheats units.