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A bootp request cycle is in progress.
To use an option, type the options number and network press enter, then follow any on- screen instructions.
For more information about the Access and Port setup options, see FTP Server, and Telnet Web options.In the Example main screen, the Management Card uses the application firmware for management card the DC Power Plant.N The Management Card failed to connect setup to the network.Use the type 1 management or type 2 serial cable as described in Local access to the control console to connect the selected port to the Management Cards serial port.While in a menu, you can also do the following: Type?Then using the IP you can access it via the telnet or web I/F to configure. .Use setup the smart-signaling (advanced signaling) cable (940-0024 or 940-1524) to connect the selected port to the serial port on the mounting bracket of the Management Card.Do not attach the cable to the serial port on the front panel of the DC System Controller To continue the procedure for either type of equipment:.For more information about the sudo and su commands, see their man pages).Under normal circumstances you dont need to use the root user account.

Only users manual that you have designated as admin users are able to network verilog execute commands with sudo.
The fact that you are getting management a bash errors says you are on a system using some form of *nix.
Two fields identify the APC operating system (AOS) and application (APP) firmware versions.Sudo arp -s 00:c0:b7:cb:0e:e, from: commands Requiring Root or Administrator Privileges.UDP FTP DC Power http.What OS/Version does manual the computer you use in card normal day card to day web browsing, checking email etc have?Run a terminal program (such as HyperT.For example, if the Management Card does not receive any.N The network is functioning properly.If you cannot remember your User Name or Password, see How to Recover from a Lost Password.The Administrators default User Name and Password are both apc.76 How to Configure Individu.To do that, you need a temporary arp entry mapping the mac address to.The APC Management Card Wizard identified in the following figure can be used to configure multiple Management Cards, either serially or over the network.