Subscribe to download.264 29:18.86GB 1920x1080,.94fps,.9mbps AC3.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz.
A number of game balance fixes have been introduced in the Prologue.
An option has arkham been added to the game menu allowing city game saves to be deleted.
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An autosave has been added before the fight city against the draug.Analog sticks on gamepads now work correctly in the GUI panels.Issue that blocked advancement to the next level at the start of Chapter 3 has been fixed.The progression break during the fight against the dragon in Chapter 3 (exploration not working properly) patch has been fixed.Batman: Arkham City - DLC Pack: "Sinestro Corps" Batman Skin city "The Dark Knight Returns" Batman Skin "Earth One" Batman Skin "1970s city Batsuit" Batman Skin "Animated" Batman Skin "Batman city Beyond" Batman Skin "Year One" Batman Skin "Batman Inc." Batman Skin "The Joker's Carnival" Challenge Map "Penguin's.The game menu now loads at a markedly accelerated pace.Islamicthemed and similar textures have been deleted and/or replaced.

The Ghost of city patch the Banner can no longer be killed by wraiths.
Some might even say it's got worse compared.01.
Issue involving the Operator being vigilante neutral and thus susceptible to being killed before any conversation occurs has been fixed.A number of fixes have been made in game dialogues.A number of fixes have been made in blocking functionality during combat.To take advantage of barbershop arkham and hairstyling services, look for Einar Gausel in Chapter 1 of the game, Sambor in Henselts Camp in Chapter 2, Felicia Cori in Chapter 2 vigilante if you travel to Vergen, and Felicia Cori once again in Chapter.Bug related to using patch some containers has been fixed.The patch also includes gameplay tweaks like a more balanced prologue, improved blocking, character responsiveness in combat, and the ability arkham for Geralt to attack more than one target in combat.