bellini chocolate fountain instruction manual

10 2 Place the fountain fountain in a large plastic fountain bag.
If its not, adjust the bellini little feet at the instruction bottom of the Base Bowl to get the fountain level.
Next comes the Auger, which looks like a cork screw and is fountain the most important part it drives the chocolate up through fountain the Auger Tube and over the Tiers.Finally, place the Crown on the top.You will later add chocolate to the Base Bowl to fill the fountain, while the fountain is not operating.These are electrical hazards.Slide the largest tier down the auger first, locking it into place, then slide the second-largest tier, and so forth.Rotate the skewer or toothpick so that your entire snack or piece of fruit gets covered in chocolate.The auger looks like a corkscrew and is what drives the chocolate up the fountain.This part attaches to the Base Bowl, often just sitting on three pins and stands straight up and down from the center of the Base Bowl.Turn on the Auger control and enjoy your beautiful chocolate fountain.The size of the Base Bowl will determine the maximum capacity of chocolate the fountain will hold.12 Check your owner's manual for specific instructions on how to most efficiently wash your chocolate fountain.

The chocolate will travel up vista the central column and manual run down the sides into the base of windows the fountain.
Follow the instructions in the manual that vista came with your fountain instruction to know just how much chocolate you should be pouring.
Depending on the chocolate fountain brand (such as elektor Rival, Nostalgia, Sephra, Total Chef Koolatron, Helman, ChocoMaker, Chocoa, Wilton some parts may already be assembled.
Most fountains have two controls ; one chocolate to operate the Heating Element and the other to operate the Auger.
Some fountains have an Auger with a elektor round knob at the top end, to act as a handle.Question Can I use chocolate melts?Use a hair dryer to hurry the melting by aiming the warm air to the tiers and auger tube.Don't arbitrarily switch the fountain off and turn it back on as that will just cool and harden the chocolate as well as clog the machine.Pour excess chocolate into the garbage can.You should plan to have enough skewers and plates for each of your guests.You can now turn your chocolate fountain.Poke a snack or a piece of fruit with a skewer or toothpick and bring it up to the fountain.The end of the Auger with a notch or slit is the bottom.