Easy coyotik.
Trouble on Monkey Lane link Monkey Lane without SM, cracked village, farm and road items 40 defence 75 Hard 3,2,1,1,1,0,2,0,0,1,0,0 x Easy coyotik Show/hide : 3/2 cracked GG, 2 ices to group ceramics, 2/3 boomer.
GG to 2/3 for.
Up one more to 2/2, then all defence others to 0/1 Village to 3/1, then 4/2 (in time for 50 set to strong.
GG to 2/2 during 35, and set to close.Upper tack to 2/3.DMs and ninjas 0/2 (strong cannons on Mercury bloons (close).Once you run out of room, village to 4/2.

40: village next to manual sniper to get him to 2/1, during round spactory to 0/1 just in case.
In 47, you need to switch the SM from deluxe strong to first - not immediately, but not too late.
35: Wait till all the whites are glued, sell 2/1 ninja and upgrade glue gunner to 3/2.
For 46 up one more buccaneer to 3/1 (on the moab side then two to 3/2 for 47 Remaining buccaneer to 3/1, One spactory to 3/2 and another crack to 1/3 (the one that has bigger spread).Add spactory covering the top right side, center, to 1/2.Ace to 4/1, for round 47 sell ice and cannon to get boomer to 4/1 Sharp Skills link Dockside max 8 total and 4 of each ninja 4/2, boomer 2/3, glue 3/2, SM 0/3, village 0/2, 1 SMS 30 75 Hard x Leaks, Selling,.Cannon novo to 3/2 during 32, spactory to 1/1.Paint the Lane Yellow link Monkey Lane gg, village, ace 2/4 15 55 Easy x Leaks Medium coyotik Show/hide : Started with one ace and one 2/0 fault GG, then added another GG (both 2/1) then added 0/1 village, sold one GG to upgrade the village.Not So Death Valley link Death Valley 2 if each 3/4 alcione tack, 4/3 boomer, 3/4 ace, 3/4 farm, 2/3 dartling and spactory 35 75 Easy blimps -1 x Easy coyotik Show/hide : spactory on each side, 2/3 boomer in second bottom turn and in the.Set boomer to strong, 2/0 then 3/0 then 3/2.Then up ninja to 2/1, add two more 1/0 farms, sniper (strong 3 more 1/0 farms, ninja to 3/1.Alternatively you can sell glues and get two 3/1 snipers, but I didn't try that and I'm not sure alcione if it would leave you with enough cash for my solution for round 65, which is, once the moabs and BFBs appear, to sell both glues.Tack to 2/3 near second red flag, mortar to 3/2, ship to 2/3.Rounds to watch out (where I lost lives out of being sloppy/fastforwarding 53 (with meerkat, it's OK).Left GG to 2/2, use blades when the moab is coming up and is almost next to them.