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Briggs stratton repair manual 243431

E l e c t r i c Manual.Mechanical (flyweight) -combination s t a r t e r - generator.Magneto.
Initial Adjustment Turn needle valve c Ioc kw is e until it just closes.
37- 114" 33-318" 34- 114' 68" 26" 44" 9" 6" 7" 15- 114' 685 Ibs.Then reset idle speed so that en- gine idles at 1200 RPM.Retighten swivel screw, bend loose end of wire acer ferarri 4000 patch around swivel.B-12 T r a c t o r s Check daily o r e v e r y 5 hours of operation.Remove spark plug, pour 1 ounce (2 or 3 table- spoons) of SAE-30 oil into cylinder and crank slow- ly to distribute oil.Never u s e oil in crankcase for more than 25 hours of opera- tion.Check periodically transmission The transmission has a capacity of 1-112 qts.
Cartridge must be air dried thoroughly before using.
Section 3 maintenance check OIL level Check before starting and after every 5 hours of opera- tion.
Ca- pacity 2 pints.First make final carburetor mixture adjustments.7 Clearance (Center manual practico de cotizacion 2013 Housing).shipping weight Approx.685 Ibs.Then insert a hard finished card or piece of paper and close and open points.) (Above 40ÂF) Use SAE 5W-20 Use SAE 30 If not available If not available Use SAE 10W Use SAE 10W-30 Above loÂF Any high quality detergent oil having the American Petroleum Institute classification "For Service MS" can be used in your Briggs and Stratton.