The games that are part of the Ambassador program run on games the 3DS through games a games virtual, simulated Game Boy Advance.
Why would I need a Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS can read Nintendo DS games?
Nintendo Game Boy Advance edit These titles were originally released for games use on the Game Boy Advance, which was launched in 2001.
Former Sunsoft programmer and Trip World creator Yuichi Ueda, games Blaster Master creator Kenji Sada, and current Chief Director of sunsoft Shigeki Shimizu confirm this.(again, grey area, but emulators are NOT illegal.).Virtual Console games that are available on the Nintendo 3DS in North America.In your case you games can pay the price only for one year.Now that you have all your Pokémon from GBA inside (D/P or HS/GS you need to transfer it to Pokémon Black/White or Pokémon Black games 2/White.

Transfer your Pokémon from Diamond (or the one you get.) to suzuki Pokémon Black (or the one you get.).
June 20, ct-t 2013 E comtrend Tails Adventure Sega Aspect.
Barder, Ollie (March 13, 2016).
I will sum up the method describe in this tutorial.
Promotion-exclusive titles edit Nintendo Entertainment System edit There was 1 title that was exclusively available as a promotional bonus, which was removed from availability after the promotion ended on January 6, basics 2013.The Pokémon Bank is also compatible with virtual console versions of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow and Green (only available in japan) released in 2016.Nintendo Nintendo R D3 March 8, 2012 E Donkey Kong.11 Additionally, since these titles run natively and are not emulated, they do not support typical emulation features, such as suspended play and restore points.3 Nintendo Nintendo EAD April jared 17, 2014 E Double Dragon II: The Revenge Arc System Works Techns Japan June 12, 2014 E10 Super Dodge Ball Arc System Works Techns Japan June 18, 2014 E Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Konami Konami June 26, 2014 E Bases.4 These games were later released to the general public diamond with additional features, such as the ability to save the game at any point; the Ambassador versions were patched to add the new features.If it tomb does, then your best bet manual is to install a Custom Firmare to the console.

The only thing that can get you in trouble is illegal GBA ROMs, and thats.).
Get Pokémon Black (or White) (or W2) (or B2).
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