(4.1 -.8 mm) When converted to service a 35 mm still camera CCD-TR315/TR416/TR416PK/TR516/ TR516PK CCD-TRV16/TRV16PK/TRV36/ TRV36PK : 1 9/16 -.
Photography Camcorder, when we service buy new device such as Sony CCD-TRV138 we often through away most of the documentation but the warranty.
Repair parts list, video camera recorder, published by DI Technical Support Section.Mechanism Deck Service Position 2-3 2-3. Usable with ordinary solder It is best service to use only unleaded solder but unleaded solder may also be added to ordinary solder.Image device 1/4 inch CCD (Charge Coupled Device) CCD-TR315/TR416/TR416PK/TR516/ TR516PK CCD-TRV16/TRV16PK/TRV36/ TRV36PK : Approx.nota DE serviÇO 1-1.Ntsc model: CCD-TRV138 2004K.11, published by DI Technical Support Section, publicado por Engenharia da Qualidade.(Caution: Some printed circuit boards service may not come printed with the lead free mark due to their particular size.) : lead free mark Unleaded solder has the following characteristics.Service note, service note, disassembly, disassembly.AC Adaptor AC-L15A/L15B Power manual requirements AC V, 50/60 Hz Current consumption.35 -.18 A Power consumption 18 W Output voltage.4 V,.5 A Operating temperature 0 C to 40C (32F to 104F) manual Storage temperature -20 C to 60C (-4F to 140F) Dimensions (approx.) mm (2 1/4 1 1/4.) (w/h/ d) manual excluding the projecting parts Mass (approx.) 190.

placas DE circuito impressiagramas esquemÁticos 4-1.
LCD Service Position 2-5 2-4.
Handycam Camcorder, hi8 in light LED for capturing video in vivid color while in difficult lighting situations.
Self-diagnosis Code Table 1-4. .
oliver Using the (others) menu world time/video edit, etc. Table for differences of function of each model.Quick Reference, home, about Us, contact Us, manualsDir dmca Policy.Service manual, link, service note, disassembly, service block diagrams.Video camera recorder, system, video recording system 2 solja rotary heads, Helical scanning FM system, audio recording system.Mounted Parts Location 4-59 Section benson Title Page Section Title Page. .TO crack take ouassette when NOT eject (force eject).(39.4 - 709 mm) CCD-TR715 service CCD-TRV43/TRV46/TRV46PK service : 1 7/8 - 33 1/2.LS Chassis Block Assembly. .Electrical Parts List 5-14.Very often issues with Sony CCD-TRV138 begin only after the warranty period ends and you may want to find how to repair it or just do some service work.CCD-TRV238E/TRV438E, cCD-TRV138/TRV238E printed wiring boards, printed wiring boards, repair parts list.