Solution : o, determine exchange if you have this specific exchange issue, please verify all patches and rebasing exchange issues are successfully applied (for example is the cdoex OS clock correct, are meetings the user organized being rebased successfully).
The documentation has a lot of exchange example programs, but I can't get any of them cdoex to compile.
CbActual 0 ; sdbtableInfo sTableInfo ; std : string tmp ( szName ) ; sTableInfo.
I am trying to create an application that will manipulate mail messages on Exchange 2003.The version of CDO.Dll exchange 2000/2003 cdoex.Dll existing on the Exchange and/or BES/Goode servers, and the copy of CDO.A reference to 'C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedcdocdoex.CbMax ; sJetRC.The reference documentation talks about exchange cdoex.

CbData sizeof ( szNameBuff ) ; cdoex sJetRC.
If you want to develop for cdoex, you could either get a clean VM to install the SDK and development environment, or if you're msdn subscriber, install the a SBS server in VM with network in VM configured to disconnected (so it won't interfere with your company's.
Dll is not cdoex being updated, but the applications (Outlook, OWA, Blackberry, Goode, etc) are using the older version exchange of the dll.ItagSequence 1 text ; toshiba sJetRC.Cdoex ships as part of Exchange cdoex Server 2003, and must be run on the computer running Exchange Server 2003.I've gotten the DLL from an Exchange 2003 and referenced it in my project.This code continues to work (compiles and sends email) on the XP Pro machine, but gives this error on line X of code sample 2: "interface not registered" touchscreen on the Win2003 server.Important: These changes only affect the libraries that ship with Exchange Server 2003.