"sopa and pipa attract huge lobbying on both sides".
Comcast Cable also provides comcast connections to crack small to medium-sized business through its crack Comcast Business comcast brand, and Fortune 1000 companies through its Comcast Enterprise crack brand.
"Disney wins US antitrust approval to buy Fox assets".
Mike Farrell (May 26, 2011).
21st Century Fox, which owns 39 stake in Sky, had previously declined a US60 billion acquisition offer by Comcast in favour of its deal with Disney, due to anti-competition concerns.Barr (September 6, 2004).69 70 Comcast spent the most money of any organization in support comcast of the Stop comcast Online Piracy and protect IP bills, spending roughly 5 million to lobby for their passage."Comcast Is Said to End 45 Billion Bid for Time Warner Cable".The new service, described as being a "Wi-Fi and mvno-integrated product and was expected to launch in mid-2017."Comcast, Time Warner to Carve Up Adelphia".External access links edit Coordinates : 395716N 751007W /.9545N.1685W /.9545; -75.1685.

149 Critics noted crack in 2013 that Tom Wheeler, the reason head of the FCC, which has to approve the deal, is the former head of both the largest manual cable lobbying organization, the National Cable Telecommunications Association, and update as largest wireless lobby, ctia manual The Wireless Association.
Comcast spreads cash wide on Capitol Hill.
"Comcast Clears EU Hurdle in 29 Billion Bid for Sky".138 139 In late December 2012, Comcast decided to shed the cresent logo and added the NBC peacock symbol to their owners new logo.Retrieved January 16, 2015.At the same time, Fox was given clearance by the British government to purchase Sky."Five Nightmares ts-lc You Live While Working For America's Worst Company".