crack willow salix fragilis

Many hybrids.
Fragilis as a moderately invasive woody species.
Weeds of National Significance Willow (Salix taxa, excluding.Tutin TG; Burges NA; Chater AO; fragilis Edmonson JR; Heywood fragilis VH; Moore DM; Valentine DH; Walters SM; Webb DA, 1993.Preferred Common Name crack fragilis willow.Tree habit, salix fragilis (8.5 m high and 40 years old) in typical habitat.Weber (2003) also suggests salix following similar salix chemical treatments willow as used.Crack willow often hybridises with white willow (.London, UK: BT Batsford Ltd.The Silviculture of Trees crack fragilis used in British forestry.These changes may also affect fish (Anon, 2000).Home big Trees /Crack Willow (Salix fragilis crack Willow (Salix fragilis crack willow.

Invaders Database System (.edu).
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It has a history of invasiveness in a number of countries including South Africa, New Zealand and patch Australia.In Australia the planting of Salix species began soon after Europeans arrived but occurred on a large-scale from the 1950s to the 1970s and has only been discontinued relatively recently.Toronto, Canada: John Wiley and Sons Inc.Willows: the genus Salix.Fragilis is one of a number of Salix species designated Weeds of National Significance in Australia (Anon., 2000).

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In was introduced into eastern states of the USA in colonial times ( Newsholme, 1992 ).
Invasive crack willow salix fragilis exotic species ranking for Southern Ontario.