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The co-hosts of the vernon filming project were Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet and Steve Freeman.
The revelation book is revelation housed in a revelation beautiful, leather-covered slipcase that has been foil stamped with "Revelation Dai Vernon." The contrast of the card-table green cloth on the spine of the book with the rich, green leather on the slipcase, looks spectacular.The new volume makes the material much easier to digest, and is an outstanding production in every way.It's a museum piece! .Revelation arrived revelation and it is truly a work of art.This is not a reprint of our 1984 edition.The Story is the Entertaining Part of the Trick.The book itself measures 9.5 inches with 392 revelation pages and a beautiful The book, bound in green cloth and stamped with copper foil, and the beautiful dustjacket were designed by Michael Albright.

Vernon on Coin Vanishes, the Ring and crack the Wand, slow Motion Aces Performance (Steve Freeman) Story Behind Slow-Motion Aces The Slow product Motion Card repair Vanish Story of the Last Card (Tent Vanish) Freeman Demonstrates Last Card Vanish Vernon Explains Slow Motion Aces Lay Down Routine The.
Dai Vernon's annotations and the newly crack discovered photos of his hands filemaker have been inserted into the relevant sections of the original Expert at the Card Table text.
Contents, biography, due to his extraordinary skill at sleight of hand, Dai Vernon is affectionately called The Professor.This new, over-size book was change triggered by the discovery of more than 160 most long-lost photographs of Dai Vernon's hands that were taken in 1961 specifically to illustrate this manuscript.Awards and honors Bibliography References).Vernon spent the last thirty years of his life as Magician-in-Residence at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California.Dai Vernon spent most of his life traveling all over the United States of America looking for card cheats and anyone who might know anything about sleight of hand with cards.

There he mentored numerous well-known magicians including.
Daley's Notebook The Book, "Our Magic" Cardini The Frogman Cardini's Talking Act Cardini's Tails Al Baker The History of Silhouettes Colorado Springs World's Fair Vernon Cuts a Silhouette Twenty Dollar Gold Piece Volume 17 Gary Ouellet Intro dai vernon revelation pdf King of Koins The Gimmick Emil Jarrow Jarrow.
Story of the Ambitious Card, vernon Performs the Ambitious Card, vernon Explains an Ambitious Card Move.