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In 1974, the company changed its name.
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In those charade years, Japan has followed the path of militarism policy, as daihatsu a result, charade orders were so many that soon Hatsudoki daihatsu Seizo had to begin to build an charade additional plant.
Compact minivans also manufactured, pick-up trucks and SUVs.(1)Taft / Wildcat / Scat.Press enter to search.Mirrors and connected parts, car interior equipment, heating systems.Instructions for use, maintenance and repair Daihatsu Charade.However, selling them was quite difficult due to poor infrastructure.(1)Cuore / Mira / Domino / Charade.Yes, and such decisions tax daihatsu was smaller.In 1958, it appears the first four-truck company.

She founded her band Osaka University professors.
One of the milestones in the history of Daihatsu Motor.
Category, language, czech (4)English (135)German (10)Russian (2)Spanish (2)- Not daihatsu assigned - (0)Arabic (0)Bulgarian (0)Chinese (0)Croatian (0)Danish (0)Dutch (0)Estonian (0)Finnish (0)French (0)Greek (0)Hungarian (0)Italian (0)Japanese (0)Kazakh (0)Korean (0)Latvian (0)Lithuanian (0)Malay (0)Norwegian (0)Polish (0)Portugese (0)Romanian (0)Serbian (0)Slovak (0)Slovenian (0)Swedish (0)Turkish (0)Ukrainian (0).This went on for as much as 23 years old.Products produced, but very slowly.It attempts charade to create a four-wheeled vehicle was made, which did not have much success - there was a model of FA, of which very few people are now aware in April 1937.Today, Daihatsu sold in more than 120 countries worldwide.Begins expansion manual of the model range, windows there are the first linux compact the trucks.Compact creations Hatsudoki Seizo perfect for maneuvering through the narrow streets of Japanese cities.Daihatsu the trucks were there in high demand.Engines, as well as cheap and simple multi tricycles.By the early 50s daihatsu Hatsudoki Seizo already fully recovered and decided to try to engage in the production of products for export.The subsequent history of the company - is keygen the story of the lineup, and not very successful.It was quite an achievement.