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See the tcsh man page for more details.
dev/null, this is just an abbreviation for /dev/null.My experience with prison architect alpha 17 cracked those 2 compared to bash's redirection operators, is that bash is superior in that regard.It redirects file descriptor 1 (stdout) to /dev/null.2 1, the general form of this one is M N, where "M" "N" are file descriptor numbers.Laporte was awarded a 1997 Northern California Emmy for his nightly performances as cyber character Dev Null.Silicon Graphics, onyx computer.It was great." 4, see also edit /dev/null is a special file in Unix-like operating systems that discards all data written.Then NBC News Director Andrew Lack came in in a three-piece suit and field jacket velcro name patch cowboy boots.They're not the same.It's equivalent to, code: /dev/null 2 /dev/null, in the second case, standard error is directed to where standard output is directed at the time (i.e.1, contents, background and history edit, dev was animated in real time on million-dollar.
Espresso barista Dev talked with host.
Soledad O'Brien each weeknight in a five-minute segment.
Laporte recalled arriving at NBC with a 90-page treatment: I'll never forget pitching it to NBC at 30 Rock just before Christmas 1995.Of the commands you asked about none are directly supported by csh/tcsh.Stderr) if a number isn't explicitly given, then number 1 is assumed by the shell (bash).This is just an abbreviation for.2, laporte generated both the voice and actions while wearing a VR motion capture suit.First let's tackle the function of these.In the first case, standard output is directed to a file (in this case /dev/null and then standard error is directed to the same place ( 1, or /dev/null).Dev Null was an animated virtual reality character created in 1996 by, leo Laporte for, msnbc 's computer and technology TV series.2 /dev/null, the general form of this one is M /dev/null, where "M" is a file descriptor number.

The Site was a major network's idea of what a technology TV show should look like: big on production values, light on content, but it was an important moment in the mainstreaming of the Internet.
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