The Story of episodes Xicor Dragonball AF - Goku Turns Into Super Saiyan 5 Music.
17.Gogeta and romsable Gohan episodes Training for the Battle with Xicor.
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E end of Tien and Yamcha.E return of kidbuu!After Goku face various enemies as Frieza and Buu Majin, dragonball and Gohan beat Cell, Pilaf wishes Goku becomes small after that with his new level, Super Saiyan 4, he defeat other enemies, Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenlong romsable SSJ4 Gogeta with her in the story.84.A Call of Dende.Aining dragonball romsable in the Space Ship.64.Goku and Vegetas, the ultimite duo!59.Who is this guy?Dragon Ball AF Episode 3 - Surpass the Strongest!N is a girl, but not romsable weak!108.gogeta vs the double duo!

Xicor Saga.Xicors Arrival.
10.Piccolo to game the Rescue.
E Worriors are Ready.
The monopoly situation worsens when Ize that was in the Second Form, it transforms the Third Form (Final Form) romsable and so they decided to join forces: SSJ4 crack ringan Gohan, Trunks SSJ, SSJ Goten and Vegeta romsable SSJ4 would fight together.
But the fans who made it up left this along!130.gokus back to normal!Sign of Evil Gogeta.45.Karoenisch defeted, but Goku goes untuk on!120.raditz a supersaiyan 3!On Dragon Ball In crack Depth 44, we discuss the entire.47.Karoenisch at his maximum power!

136.Whats Wrong with dragonball af romsable episodes Gogeta?
141.Goku, Vegeta, we Need You!