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Driver 3 cheats hints

(supplied by: porlia the disappearing felony bar!: When you're "full on felon" go in you're house (any one) and you're bar will disappear!
Invincibility: X, Y, L, R, L, R,.
Richard Petty's stock car, enter Richard Petty as a code.Walk through its door and you can ride it around the city, shooting out of the open windows if desired.Submit your Cheats and share your insights and experience with other gamers.Go to the Miami Beach start point.If done correctly, the cop should drive at full speed at you and kill you.Miami: Boat, start in a boat near the word "Miami" on the map.Get a cop on your tail.DTM Race Driver 3 walkthroughs.
Zombies, risen 2: Dark Waters, two Worlds.Note: Nothing is.Miami: Pong arcade game.Copyright GamerID Network LLC.If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions.Slot racer: Enter hxddawa94C3B4 as a code bonus code 2945.Mortain Mall: For the most fun of this cheat, at least have invincibility, all weapons, and unlimited ammo all.Unlock all Vehicles: At the main menu, press L1, L1, Square, wcf client test exe Circle, L1, R1, Circle.Go in it with a car or by human and blow the mall.(By shooting stuff)!Genre: Driving, release: Feb 24, 2006, eSRB: Everyone 10, turbo.When you are almost to the top, start running to your left and press.What should i do?