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119 In its 2012 second quarter report, Diablo III was reported to have pushed Activision Blizzard's expectations and as of July 2012, more than 10 million people had played the game.
Breastplate 400 gp 14 Dex mod (Max haynes repair manual suzuki forenza 2)."Blizzard probed over Diablo 3".These activities can occupy no more than 2 hours of your Long Rest."Spike Video Game Awards 2008 Trailer and News Round-Up".9 A frost-covered silver locket that's frozen shut.The 2011 VGAs also honored The Legend of Zelda franchise with its first ever "Video Game Hall of Fame Award".Candle 1 cp Case, crossbow bolt 1 gp.Harper, Elizabeth (June 29, 2008)."Diablo III' Fans Should Stay Angry About Always-Online DRM".1320 lb Horse, draft 50gp 40ft.
Leather 10 gp 11 Dex mod.Splint 200 gp 17."How Diablo III's Solo Experience Reveals A Hollow Game".NPC Building Characteristics 1d20 Characteristic 1 Absentminded 2 Arrogant 3 Boorish 4 Chews Something 5 Clumsy 6 Curious 7 Dim Witted 8 Fiddles and Fidgets 9 Frequently uses wrong word 10 Friendly 11 Irritable 12 Prone to prediction of doom 13 Pronounced Scar 14 Slurs."Blizzard: Diablo III Is Coming To Consoles".