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Elevated work platform training manual

Back to top Full safety harnesses must be worn by everyone on the platform of a boom-type EWP and be secured to the anchor point.
All EWPs must be fitted with an emergency retrieval system or be provided with auxiliary retrieval equipment to enable the safe evacuation of people from the platform.
It may be appropriate to use alternative equipment, such as scaffolding, to reach and carry out the task.The positioning must ensure that access to the emergency retrieval system is maintained.If you plan to fit such a device to an existing EWP you must undertake a specific engineering risk assessment, including consultation with the designer/manufacturer/supplier to determine whether there are any impacts on design registration and to ensure any proposed changes do not introduce new.Knows the operating and maintenance manuals supplied by the manufacturer are stored in the weather resistant compartment and is familiar with the operating and safety manuals.For use as off-slab units (commonly referred to as scissor lifts).Where there is a risk of a free fall, a fall-arrest harness designed for attachment to a lanyard assembly, including a personal energy absorber, must be worn by everyone on the EWP.Back to top Operating instructions must be clearly and permanently displayed on the EWP.Back to top Extreme caution must be exercised when operating an EWP near overhead powerlines.Information Sheets, yellow Card Information, design Information, eWP Safety Guidelines.
Sections in this page, while EWPs may control work at height risks, the movement of mobile plant introduces new risks.
You can contact us for further information about plant design registration requirements.Fall arrest or fall restraint is not required when the equipment: Is on a firm and flat surface.Ensure that operators keep a minimum safe clearance of power lines: Electrical utility line/equipment voltage, safe distance 0 to 750 volts (.9 m) 3 feet 751 to 100,000 volts (3.6 m) 12 feet 100,001 to 250,000 volts (5.2 m) 17 feet 250,001 to 345,000 volts.Evaluated and retrained, if necessary, msi k7t turbo 2 manual how long does Aerial Work Platform training take?A minimum standard of EWP training has been developed.Familiarized with the aerial platform to be operated.The first step in ensuring this is to make people aware how important training is to the wellbeing of the operator and the productivity of the machine.Made aware of responsibilities of operators.

Ensure that labels and decals are clearly visible and readable and that the owners manual is on the equipment.
When using EWPs, the following risk control measures should be implemented: Back to top, consider each task and any potential hazards and select an EWP that is in good working order and suitable for the task.