Jimmy radios and tells the Brigadier that the rocket has been armed with the warhead.
The Doctor wonders if they have encountered whoever fired public at them already.
Chipz and Nuts go on a double public date (of sorts) with Nanoade and Ad Friendly while Vore provides comedic interjections.
Left alone, episode Watkins says he is public working on a machine called the Cerebration Mentor, a teaching machine.
Everyone leaves to retrieve a new avatars to either impersonate or create a new character.Vaughn is not worried and states that the invasion will be invasion too soon for unit to do anything.The Doctor tries to convince Vaughn that he is just being used as a pawn.Out of character this is the first invasion time that Nuts streams.His depolariser has fallen off.Vaughn orders Rutlidge to come to the IE building.The Controller explains that a cyber megatron bomb is being delivered which is to wipe all living beings off the face of the Earth.The Brigadier is fearful that they will have gone into the sewers.Rob declares war on Chipz and his Harem in some intense.Evolution of The Invasion - Cast and crew recall the making episode of The Invasion, featuring contributions from Padbury, Hines, Courtney and D'Oyly John, plus Kevin Stoney (Vaughn Sally Faulkner (Isobel Peter Halliday (Packer Edward Burnham (Watkins Ian Fairbairn (Gregory) and Terrance Dicks (Script Editor).

The rest go on a mad search for more equipment.
Rob and Vore crack puts crack Chipz in an embarrassing situation and Monika get's too intimate with rite Nuts for Chipz to handle.
They will identify people subs to be team converted with into Cybermen whilst the others will be rite destroyed.
They climb down a ladder onto ground level to evade them.Jamie agrees with the Brigadier.The gas has cleared and the guards open the glass panel.The driver presents his papers and is waved through.Their unconscious forms are being put into crates to be loaded monika into the return van.