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Make sure there is an adult present when you are baking.
Wash and dry the flowers and trowel first.
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Carefully break the graham crackers into rectangles.
Wash out a small milk carton.
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Then frost and decorate.Safety Tips: Ask an adult before you start any of the projects in this book.Add vanilla and stir.Spray in wiggly lines to create waves.1 Data Design Interactive Demo, only one man can stop this evil army of monster manual cakes.(Crush graham crackers inside a freezer bag using theft a rolling pin or other heavy object.).4, kitchen Art Cookies, cakes, and cupcakes are sears the bakers canvas.20 Bucket of Dirt Cupcakes.Pat tinted coconut onto cakes frosting.T i P A auto little food coloring goes a long way.Stick 2 small licorice strings in front for each antenna.Spread white frosting on each heart.Put one piece on each side of the long gumdrop for wings.

T i P Make Your Own Frosting Instead of premade sugar frosting, try this frosting recipe for homemade decorating.
A doily on a colored paper plate or bright cellophane wrap tied with eves c cakes pdf a bow might look nice.