This is to give the adhesive some bumper more surface area to stick.
Here's what the bumper damage looks like before the repair.
How To Repair Fiberglass cracked Your Car Bumper Frp.Fiberglass Repair Kit fiberglass On My 240Sx S13 1974 Corvette Fiberglass Prep Paint, how To Fix Cracked Bumper Amazing Repair.If it's a narrow area I'll use fiberglass cloth, put some resin around the cracked area (4-5 inch's around to reinforce as well then put the fiberglass cloth, and spread more epoxy resin with a paint brush.The cracked result came out pretty good after two coats of paint.Tape up the front fiberglass of the bumper so it holds with the crack flush.Brush more fiberglass resin over the fiberglass mat until bumper it is thoroughly saturated.By William Zane, the bumpers (or bumper caps) on most modern cars are manufactured from fiberglass.Hope cracked this was helpfull.Fiberglass cloth is the easiest fiberglass one to work with it's thiner then fiberglass mat.

At this point exchange you can cracked apply touchup paint, or use filler to persona properly fill the crack.
It is a single stage paint, with base coat, pearl and clear coat in one can.
If it is a larger crack that needs to be fiberglassed, proceed to step.
If you have more questions,.Simple Fiberglass windows Hull Repair, fiberglass Hull Repair, how To Repair Your Cracked Lip bumper With Fibreglass The Proper proton Way.Step 8, clean the area thoroughly with a mineral spirits and a clean dry rag.Diy Bumper Crack cracked Repair, repairing Holes In Fiberglass Panels, semi Truck Fiberglass Hood proton Repair Part.JB Weld Plastic bonder was applied along the crack.

How To Repair Damaged Or Cracked Bumper 2007 Hyundai Tucson Suv Fiberglass Body Filler Primer.
The bumper was then removed from the vehicle, a few photos showing the inside and outside of the damaged area.

fix cracked bumper fiberglass