The spark plugs then cause the manual ignition to the fuel persona in the internal combustion chamber of your vehicle so that the engine can proton start.
Tell us about your vehicle to find the right proton parts faster.
The area under the hood is open to contaminants and pollutants like dirt and debris the common reason behind ignition relay failure.
Where is the Ignition relay located?Fried Relay, if the ignition relay is of low-quality it can get short-circuited pretty easily.Pay Directly persona To Seller.After you are done the cleaning, let fuse the relay dry for a few proton minutes and place it again.Otherwise we would not know about your payment thus resulting in delayed shipping.Related posts: Symptoms of a Bad Steering Angle Sensor Replacement Cost How to Reprogram Key Fobs fuse Yourself at Home 5 Reasons Why your Radiator Fan is not coming on Does Auto-Start/Stop Wear Out Engine Components?

Our warranty term applies provided casida the product is handled properly for its intended use, in accordance with its operating instructions and upon presentation of microbiology the original invoice or cash receipt.
This warranty does not cover customer self physical damage.
All this can version happen due to dirt depositing on full version top of it or heat of the engine getting through.If customer is unable to provide the Proof of Purchase.We will notify you via Phone calls once your games warranty claims is done and advice you on the return shipping fee.The process of replacing the ignition relay will require you to diagnose the cause associated with the starting problem of your vehicle.After you had made the payment, please remember to email the following important details to or SMS to for verification and speed up really on delivery.The exact location of the ignition relay may differ from vehicle to vehicle depending on the design of the vehicle and the company that manufactured.