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The series aired on, the CW 's Saturday morning cartoon block, Toonzai, and continued to air on its successor, Vortexx.Zexal II takes place right after the end of the first series.Cero: B (12 pEGI: 3, pEGI: 4, uSK:.Astral and Shark Deck edit menu Player character Add an image to this gallery Covers Video Trivia Normally, a chibi of " Gagaga Girl " is shown while the game game is loading, but on rare game occasions she can zexal be replaced by a chibi of Tori.Retrieved February 2, 2014.) by Kanan (Eps 2649) "Soul Drive" Tamashii Doraibu ) by Color Bottle (Eps 5073) Second season "Unbreakable Heart" Arenai Hto ) by Hideaki Takatori (Eps 7498) "Dualism of Mirrors" Kagami no Duaruizumu ) by Petit Milady ( Aoi Yuki and Ayana Taketatsu ) (Eps.Series, Zexal also places a major emphasis on bonds and friendship.This game uses September 2013 banlist by default, but has an alternative "empty" banlist with no cards on it at all.Create a powerful and balanced deck using magic zexal cards, monster cards, fusion cards, trap cards, and special cards and create a strategy that will guarantee your victory!9 The series' name was revealed on December 13, 2010, via a leak from the February 2011 issue of V Jump.

Zexal World Duel Carnival multilingual (Italian) Yu-Gi-Oh!
Zexal World Duel Carnival, kanji, rmaji.
Zexal World Duel Carnival (German) dell Yu-Gi-Oh!
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