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This guy's no misogynist, he green meant patch for the hack story to be about patch a dude in the slums.
Hack someone phone by Using Copy9 patch App.
There's more info in the forum FireRed Generations (by Suicune/Blue) m/showthre (forum) m/attachme (link) m/download/wd4 (better link) -from PokeCommunity.And so green many pokes in 3rd gen really needed.But instead of being a dude, you're a chick this time around.There's plenty of shit there Altered Fire Red (by bctelite/BillySprites) m/showthre (forum) m/file/021k984 (a working link) -from PokeCommunity.Levels patch are pretty high (._.Dude's a friggin comedic genius._.It's so simple, even hack a complete fucking idiot like me could understand.It's like a new world of some sort.

O3o green the region's still Kanto, but there's more assholes and more obscenities and shit.
_- gone cinema the way of Beast Black and Monster White now.
O.o which has been needed for patch a while, actually.
Link) m/download/23x (link) -obtained in somewhere different; the PokeMMO forums.
After a while, more and more people became interested in the project and the one-man team evolved into a three-, four-, five-man team.How To : Have a Bomberman Itch You Need to Scratch?There's variety, changed moves and stuff, a bit of increased difficulty (not overkill etc.O3o finally, more people like Sloo and Crizzle.Finally Jordan talks about theflashing the Razr i with homemade fastboot images.There's variety, changed levels, random funny shit, etc.Eventually reached the fourth badge, then patch hack decided to start over for various reasons.O_o also, this can't be 255'ed.Enable cinema Blizzard restores the 30 chance of freezing the target for that move, but can glitch the linked battles when it is used against cinema a Red or Blue game.Use an FR ROM) m/groups/nuzloc (forum) m/download/e73 (link) -from the Nuzlocke forums.The starters are Machop, Ralts, and Seedot.Like Mystical Version, it's a hack that's entirely in Spanish.O_o it's mostly incomplete (and will never be completed).It's so derpy that you'll end up growing a talking penis on your belly button!Although unlike these 2, these moemon revivals are just like the originals, with the possibility of male Moemons dicking around -o3o oh, for the FR one, there's an IPS that makes your trainer a moe Magikarp.

But this has the physical special split, hack lil green patch changed abilities, moves, trainer rosters, etc.
The visuals, the random weather (sometimes when you're outside, the weather can just be whatever it's great.