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Broad Canvasses - 1: The Thirst Quenchers (Nigel Baldwin) A three-part drama in which Sue Johnston plays Dee, a journalist investigating the mysterious death of a student.
Are Lawrence Evans and her father in a position to help?
Question: You have just arrived in a mental asylum.6: Jack is knee-deep in shenanigans again, and it is left to Cora to save the day.5: Marcia decides to inject a little culture into Paradise and starts a film club.But how can he get the huge fish love secrets revealed pdf to the ageing - and indifferent - monarch?With Roger Blake, Mark Kilmurry, Sally Phillips and Dan Strauss.3: Empty Pews - In 1961, the old chapel religion of the Forest of Dean was losing its grip on the community.She marries again, but seven years later, when a visitor from Pakistan knocks on her door, she is faced with a situation that she never believed was possible.With Robin Weaver, Gavin Muir and David Collings.
Rpt) The Hunt (Carol Ann Frazer, read by Annette Crosbie) When young Hugh comes to stay for the weekend, he brings a whole new meaning to the fox hunting experience.
With Rehan Sheikh; Riz Abbasi and Shaheen Khan.(01 to ) To The Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf, abr Yvonne Antrobus, read by Eileen Atkins) The 20th-century classic.3: Diamond Cut Diamond - Notting Hill, 1991.(16 to ) Waterland (Graham Swift, dram Steve Chambers) With Roy Marsden as Tom, Tom Bevan and Deborah Findlay.(09 to ) Quintessentially Flummoxed (Leonard Barras) 'The Wallsend Mixed Comb-and-Paper Band was a hotbed of sex.I don't believe she was raped by a Russian soldier.' 5: Father Egbert Delaney thinks that Satan is a woman - I think he ought to be made to resign.' 6: You have matrimonial prospects?' he asked.10:15pm; Rpt) A Game Of Three Halves (Stan Hey John Fletcher) A humorous and scathing satire on the present state of football.With Geoffrey Lee, Mary Riggans, Finlay Welsh and Charles Kearney.But it depends on Annie.Dat's Love (Leonora Brito) Grace sang in a trio in 1950s Cardiff.

2: The Great Big Scrape - Harriet meets a new relation and discovers how deliciously enticing it is to be bad.
4: The Place Of Skulls - Father Felipe is to be flogged.
When a Lancashire fisherman catches a sturgeon, he is told it is the property of Queen Victoria.