Temperature hunter Range 30o F 45o F 95o F 99o F (0o C) (37o C) (7o C) (35o C) Out.
Locate, hunter but do not disconnect the hunter wires.
To reset the hunter unit to Fo, press only the Reset button.
After removing the batteries, program and time settings will remain in memory for one minute.By using the pre-programmed settings, this thermostat can thermostat save you money by optimizing energy usage.Press Program to enter Program mode.If you do not wish to assign all 4 programs per day set at least 2, keeping in mind that the total program time must equal 24 hours.).The default setting is 2 (the system cycles ON or OFF when the temperature is within 1o F (0.5o C) above and below the set temperature.) The span setting can be adjusted manual if your system is cycling too fast or too slowly.You must Reset and reprogram the thermostat after replacing the batteries if the thermostat has entered Error manual mode.

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Cant I just register call someone?
When the thermostat is in Auto Recovery mode, radio the display will register flash alternating messages of reco and fantasy the time.
Note: Do pocket not force the thermostat onto the wall plate, crack as the terminal pins may be damaged.
Press and hold both the Up and Down buttons until the word span appears.If the existing holes do tile not match those on the Hunter wall plate, or if there are no existing holes, visually level the wall plate and mark the wall for two holes.After 15 seconds of inactivity during programming, the thermostat will return to Normal Display mode.Check that the day setting is correct.Thank you for choosing a Hunter programmable thermostat.After setting the time and temperature scale, no additional action is needed to utilize game the pre- programmed settings.Notice: changing this setting will reset THE thermostat.Slide the system selector switch to the opposite position and repeat steps 2-5.

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Press Program again to move to the nextprogram number.