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Ict terminologi english malay pdf

Examples of educational Nings include eurocall/calico Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group, avalon and niflar: see Section.2.1 (iii Module.5.
These terms may also be applied to software packages used for creating Web pages,.g.A codec is software that is used to compress or tekken tag game setup for pc decompress a digital audio or video file.See the entry under Web.0.See Avatar, mmorpg, muve.For example, webcams can be set to transmit a live picture every few minutes from a location to a website, displaying a live view of a landscape, cityscape or interior of a building.The units present and explain new words in context and show learners how to use them.Powered Microphone: See Condenser Microphone.
A disc may take several different forms and is used for the permanent or temporary storage of data that can be read by a computer.
Trainspotter: A colloquial term that is often used to describe someone who is fascinated by the technology of computers but not particularly interested in their applications.Any computer can be turned into a Web server by installing Web server software and connecting the machine to the Internet.A more advanced form of technology for producing flat panel display screens is known as TFT (Thin Film Transistor).Notebook Computer: A type of Laptop Computer, but lighter and thinner - and therefore easy mamiya 645 pro manual pdf to carry around.The list administrator has control over list membership and, if necessary, the content of messages.MB: Abbreviation for Megabyte.See Main Menu Bar, Menu, Toolbar.Content Management System (CMS See also Course Management System.I/O: Abbreviation for Input/Output.Google Reader ) can check RSS-enabled websites and display any updated information that it finds.Bitmap: A computer graphic or image composed of thousands of individual dots or pixels, each pixel being stored as a number.See Section.1.5, Module.2 for further information on disc drives Display Screen: The screen on which output from a computer is displayed.When the keyboard and/or mouse goes dead with the result that nothing can be typed and the Cursor cannot be moved around the screen.A Data Projector has to be connected to the teacher's computer in order to project the image onto the interactive whiteboard and special software has to be installed on the computer in order for the whiteboard to become active and sensitive to touch - which.