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Instrumentarium performa service manual

Item trovati cercando, parti per Radiologia ( brand, gE 1262, sotto-categoria: PortatiliArchi a CMammografiDensitometria osseaMedicina NucleareX-Ray EndoraleMiscellanei.
When space is a premium, Perfoma is the solution: It only requires a 2,40m (L) 2,70m(W) room thanks to its integrated service manual for dell latitude generator and very short gantry.
78-p M10x50RAL7035, 72545 TMX R - X-Ray Portatili Motor Reducer Assy Optima XR200amx - X-Ray Portatili Locking Bush TMX R - X-Ray Portatili 55805 - Locking Bush X-Ray Portatili A-102 B-130 - X-Ray Tube, Insert A-102, Housing B-130, Focal Point.0-2.0, Kv cooking games at miniclip 40/80, Anode 300.Signa -.0T/1.5T bias Resistor Circuit Board.Senographe 700T - Mammografi Paddle 18x24 injected Senographe DMR - Mammografi Power Supply 45W 5V/ 12V Senographe DMR - Mammografi Arm Rotation Switch, Senographe DMR - Mammografi 21884 - Motor and Gear Instrumentarium Alpha RT, Instrumentarium Performa - Mammografi PL2 Board, Senographe DMR - Mammografi.Instrumentarium - X-Ray Endorale 69088 - C67 Cable.805.0674, instrumentarium OP100d - X-Ray Endorale 69091 - Ceph Straight Connector Board.OEC 9900 Elite - Archi a C Wheel without brake for Monitor Cart OEC 7700 - Archi a C Image Intensifier OEC 7700 - Archi a C CPU 200 Board (1k) OEC 7700 - Archi a C CPU 200 Board OEC 7700 - Archi.0,06, Spin 10 Prestige II - Radiologia 854324 P295 - BP Plastic Cover (Diam 20) Prestige VH/SI Expo - Radiologia 860752P013 - Antiscattering Grid Motor Prestilix 1600 - Radiologia 860857P035 - Ultranet Collimator Prestilix 1600X - Radiologia 860947P013 - Cassette Tray Motoreducer Prestige.Silhouette VR - Radiologia Footboard Prestige VH - Radiologia Foot Rest Prestige - Radiologia /4/5 - AEC Board Proteus - Radiologia EM Lock Silhouette VR - Radiologia VR Switch (FRU) Silhouette - Radiologia RAD I/F Board Silhouette VR - Radiologia Console Silhouette VR - Radiologia.Generator MPG, Advantx - Radiologia G804 - X-Ray Tube Assy, Housing AMX IV basic TU HSG G8, HRT Insert G8 VMX - Radiologia P1 -.38 Wire DIA.041 MAX LB Definium 6000 - Radiologia P1 - Board Bucky Grid Control Compax - Radiologia.
A diagnostic solution: To go deeper in your diagnosis Performa offers some magnification options and spot paddles.
Enhance patient comfort with a wheel chair access thanks to the motorized vertical operation up to.Apparecchio: Tutti3T Scanner5T800T9900 EliteAchilles ExpressAchilles InsightAdvance T3455DDAdvantxAdvantx afmadvantx LCAdvantx lcaadvantx LegacyAdvantx rfxaec Controller for GE Silhouette stand HF Bennett generatorAMX 100AMX 110AMX 4AMX 4 plusamx 4AMX IV PlusAMX-4 PlusAMX4AMX4 PlusAMX5938Bright Speed Elite 16BrightSpeed 16BrightSpeed 4BrightSpeed EliteBrivio 385Brivo 325Brivo 365Brivo 785Brivo 785 EssentialBrivo 850Brivo CT325Brivo OEC.Signa LX -.0T Dynamic Disabled Switch Board.GE - X-Ray Handswitch, instrumentarium OP/OC 200D - X-Ray Endorale - Arm Rotation Motor, instrumentarium OP/OC 200D - X-Ray Endorale 60205 - Pan Connector Board.OEC 9600 - Archi a C Bearing BA OEC 9800 - Archi a C Image Intensifier Tube 22cm Stenoscop - Archi a C II Tube TH9449 H506 Stenoscop - Archi a C Monitor CRT ZT20DR Stenoscop - Archi a C MD6 Memory Board Stenoscop.

Prestige VH with Generator MPG 100 - Angiografia Brake P1 Proteus - Angiografia Heater scpu Legacy - Angiografia Min Power Supply scpu A3 A2 Advantx - Angiografia Board 1 Command scpu A4A1 Advantx, Prestige II - Angiografia Heiman Saticon A PU Tube XQ1560 Perkin Elmer.
Buttons on CArm handles to ease positioning.
0,25, Spin 3 Prestige - Radiologia 853512P225 - Potentiometer 5k Prestige - Radiologia 853512P245 - Potentiometer 5k, Lin.