You should now have a "1" by the word "start" and 99 continues on the screen.
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Remember those voice-over samurai jackie movies?Jackie Chan's Action Kung chan Fu is a game released by Hudson chan Soft for the Nintendo Entertainment System and PC Engine.The player controls Jackie Chan, the famous martial arts stuntmaster, and brawls against many games nameless goons during his quest to rescue his sister.Thanks for this great Easter egg, Jason.There are also plenty of hidden items to keep you busy for a long time.Hurl fire bolts at legions of demons!Kung Fu provides all the kick and punch action you could ever want!Just try to take on the humongous bosses without getting hurt!Nine-year-old jackie Jason Lund of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, wrote in to tell us of an jackie egg he found.If you have any information about the games in this series, not included in the list, you can let us know through the contact form - we will be grateful for any information.Play through seven levels in search of your kidnapped girlfriend.And NO wimpy graphics.

It was first released in the United States for the NES in December, 1990.
Look for it wherever you buy super video games.
Get ready for one kung-full adventure!
Reggie posted a review, overall rating: 7, looking similar to those popular Japanese games movies, chan Jackie Chan's Action.Emulator Online, songbook arcade Games, fun Games, fAQ.Reggie posted a review, overall rating: 6, samurai sunday goes turbo.Black Belt, blowout with jackie chan'S action jackie kung.Reggie posted a review, overall rating:.5, ready.You just might last long enough to face the Prince of Sorcerers.Looking for your favorite series of video games?Copyright 2019 Emulator Online.In jackie the instruction booklet it tells you how to get 99 continues, but if you follow these directions, you can get a stage select as well.A Japanese version (with the title shorted to simply Jackie Chan) was released for the PC Engine on January 18, 1991, and jackie for the Famicom on January 25, 1991.A European release on the NES came later in 1991.First, put the game into the NES, and press start repeatedly until cucusoft you see Jackie Chan sitting down in the first stage.

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Battle your way past molten lava pits, creep by the skull and crossbones tomb, slay man-eating tigers!
Since you are a master jackie chan games for pc of the martial arts, you should have no problem defeating the hordes of creatures, but they will test you nonetheless.