jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final

The adapter will then war and push it to OpenShift.
Under the hood, the source lookup mechanism is based on various identification strategies : checks if the jar contains maven descriptors under meta-INF/maven.
This means even if you kepler restart in a new workspace, youll be able to use the runtime detections automatic scanning of filesystem paths to create your Tomcat server (or any slimmed-down Tomcat-based JBoss server) as soon as you tools fire up your new workspace.
Additionally, as you might have noticed in all of the above screenshots, these wizards now have nice progress bars that final indicate final what is happening under the covers.
The dialog also shows the current options in case the user wants to edit them.Related jira: kepler jbide-14990 JBoss Maven Integration Edit Maven Repositories kepler Maven Repositories defined in profiles in your settings.This means that notified browsers will wait until the latest version of the resources have been deployed before loading them.The proper jboss xmlns will be added automatically.Related jira: jbide-13831 Application Wizard Creation log for all applications When creating applications you want to know about the credentials that OpenShift initially set for you.As final always, the safest path to upgrade is to start from a clean Eclipse installation.

On a somewhat related note, we ensured richards all JBoss Tools Maven features are fully compatible with the new m2e.3 (Juno SR2) and m2e-wtp.17.0.
The automatic Source Lookup feature is based on Maven/m2e.
Related jira: jbide-13075 Server adapter See it pushing while its happening JBoss Tools offers you writing a server adapter to publish your local changes to OpenShift.
Restart OpenShift Application We've added "Restart" to the UI, allowing you to trigger a node restart for your application in case something bad has happened or you changed a configuration that requires beach a full node restart.
We contributed the JBoss JPA/JSF/JAX-RS configurators to the m2e-wtp project at eclipse.More wizards are coming.Thus we now remind you of this potential risk hamitlon and ask you to confirm this irreversible removal.Related jira: jbide-13338 JVM selection and 64-bit Eclipse support on Windows Now you can specify which JVM is used to launch BrowserSim/CordovaSim.Better server management Server tools now uses the.x/EAP/WildFly management api, allowing for faster and more reliable (re)starts of servers, as well as better module manual management (individual module restart, status information).Related jiras: jbds-2543, jbds-2552 Portal Applications The Portal Applications quickstarts have been added to JBoos Tools/jbds.JBoss Tools Development, there is no development build of, jBoss Tools for, eclipse Kepler.3.2 at the moment.To specify JVM go to Window Preferences BrowserSim/CordovaSim and choose a suitable JVM (32-bit JRE/JDK 6 or JDK 7 (but not JRE 7) on Windows Related jira: jbide-13988 beach CordovaSim New CordovaSim Application CordovaSim is a simulator of Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap) environment based on BrowserSim.The camera action is enabled for the Java, J2EE, JBoss and PDE perspectives.Clicking the 'New' button next to the project dropdown box opens another wizard to do this work.Related jira: jbide-6568 Arquillia Cruiser The Arquillian view (Arquillia Cruiser) shows Arquillian deployment archives.You can also install JBoss Developer Studio or JBoss Tools from Eclipse Marketplace via manual "Help Eclipse Marketplace.".

Creates and compiles a XCode project and runs the resulting artifacts on the iOS simulator.
Forge 1 Eclipse-style Wizards There was a demand from our users to support the functionality offered by Forge not only in the command-line style but to also provide Eclipse-style wizards that jboss tools kepler 4.1.0 final expose this funtionality.