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Key legislation relating to manual handling

key legislation relating to manual handling

the maintenance can be carried out in a more practical or efficient manner;. .
distributing information about the occurrence reports, their evaluation and followup action.the subcontractors facilities, personnel and procedures, meet the relevant requirements of Part 145 and this MOS for the contracted work; and. .But its considered more than just lifting.Human performance, in relation to maintenance, means the human capabilities and limitations that have an effect on the safety of air navigation, such as fitness, health, stress, fatigue, drugs and alcohol, and work environment.Manual handling is one of the leading causes of workplace injury.(i) An AMO must have for base maintenance of small aircraft:. .If you look at the.the product description and part number; and. .
segregate serviceable aeronautical products, equipment and tools from unserviceable aeronautical products, equipment and tools; and. .The organisation must have an aircraft hangar visit plan mentioned in its exposition, which sets out the proposed usage of the facility and a process for updating the plan.Issuing certification 7 145.A.37.The procedures must also provide details as to how the AMOs procedures apply to the subcontractor and any limitations on the kind of work that the subcontractor may perform; and. .145.A.47 Production planning (a) An AMO must have, at any time, sufficient employees to provide the maintenance services it is approved to provide and a system of production planning detailed in its exposition, which is appropriate to the volume and complexity of maintenance services that.Main location means a principal address: (a) at which an AMO provides maintenance services; and (b) that is described as the main location in the AMOs exposition.Instructions for continuing airworthiness, including maintenance data.the AMO keeps a record able to extract with crack of the communications with the author of the procedure, practice, information or maintenance instruction until the author has clarified the issue or corrected the anomaly.unless impractical to do so because of the products size, the product is: (i) marked with a part and serial number as required by the design data; and (ii) marked to identify the AMO.The accountable manager must:. .