Most of this is funded privately, but there is a limit to this budget.
Because these cautions were based manual on the laws and societal understandings at the time when each manual was produced, they might not repair be appropriate for the present time.
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Owners manuals or product information may not be available for all products indefinitely or at all, and may be permanently discontinued at the Companys discretion.
Information on m may be updated as necessary based on changes to the product specification, operating system, included contents, and.3) This library does manual not provide owners manuals and product information for all of the products sold by the Company. Here you will find no unreadable drawings or manuals with crucial pages missing.Tired of downloading the same vague schematics from yet another website, the copy that is copied ad infinitum on the web?Time is money, and especially so for technicians.Your donation will help to make this site a database for synth technicians repair as never before available on the world wide web.So here is a site with only high quality, high resolution service manuals, most of them carefully cleaned, restored and sometimes partially re-drawn.Here you get what you need for the job and get on with.Duplication of contents manual of owners manuals and/or product literature in part or in whole without the permission of the Company for the purposes of sharing, korg mass-producing, posting online, or personal manual gain of any kind is prohibited by copyright law.

# OF repair donations 2019 13 # OF language service documents 513 # OF file datasheets 89 # OF data books 5, thanks to all who are helping to make this site grow, including those who contributed hi-q scans of their own.
1) All intellectual property contained in this library - including owners manuals programming and product literature - is the sole property of korg Inc.
Contributions received will immediately result in more server space, giving room for more service docs.The Company assumes that this material is utilized by the End User.And many of the manuals you will find here had to be programming bought as version hard copy originals from the manufacturers before they could be scanned at all.It repair is advised that End User review and strictly adhere to these Cautions. Or did you buy a CD on eBay, full of the same rubbish?For the latest contact information, please refer crack to the m website.Donations will also open the way for later additions, such as synth chip data- sheets, synthesizer spec sheets, etc.