kuhnhausens colt 45 shop manual

With the better manual access, work is shop now easier, and especially when denting or tube resistance is present.
If there is no other damage, stone this area back to level, removing other raised areas or burrs at the same time.
The Colt.45 colt Auto Book I disassembly section 28 colt Remove Spring and Plunger Assembly The safety detent-slide stop, double plunger and spring assembly can be taken out of the plunger tube at any time providing the thumb safety has been removed.Overcutting will destroy the bushing.Lathe Fit Oversized Bushing This is a faster and better way to size both expanded and oversized accuracy type bushings, and gives uniform results while ensuring that the bushing is kept perfectly round and concentrically aligned.Once the sight stem is visible, tap it out with a small punch.The hammer side of the firing pin is slightly stepped down where it goes through the stop plate and actually retains the plate.Clean shop all other recesses; a toothbrush does a fine job.The Colt.45 Auto Book I disassembly section 20 Remove Series 70/80 Collets From The Barrel Variations in both collet and final barrel dimensions can make some combinations just a bit barrel snug.This shop measurement can be found at greater than.008".Make colt sure that the slide rails and rail slots are not contacted or reduced during this process.Both levers fit into a recess milled in the right side of the frame.

Eliminate any sharp chips that may be left from drilling, milling, or filing.
If lugs show really no more than about 10 flanging, corner contact, or drag marking, the barrel is useable after the upper lug edges have been games 45 degree relief chamfered.
If the extractor is resistant or stuck, use small aluminum or brass protective pads beneath the punch, then apply leverage from the two points shown in cricket figure.
Double check by inserting the tip of your little finger, if lighting is poor.As the plunger emerges on the safety side, grasp it and really draw the entire spring and plunger assembly to the rear and out.The Colt.45 Auto Book I disassembly section 18 Remove Slide Assembly Once recoil spring tension has been released, the slide assembly can version be removed from the frame.Never trust version anybody- THE GUN IS always loaded!Figure 4 3 - Shows where an indent must be cut around the sight stem passage inside the slide.This lack of clearance can have three contributors: inside slide diameter, barrel outside diameter at step up, and collet finger.D.Even the slightest amount of raised material in this zone will cause interference with slide movement, particularly when frame/slide combinations are vertically tight.Then, repeat steps 4 and.This crack is remedied by increasing the clearance at the junction of the collet fingers and the slide.The Colt Single Action Revolvers - A Shop Manual, Volumes.

Clear and recheck the pistol.
The Series 80 Government and Gold kuhnhausens colt 45 shop manual Cup Models continue to use slightly different hammers.
When seated, the bushing will feel solid in the slide and yet will move easily with a wrench.