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La dama boba pdf lope de vega

3: Screenshot of the latest blouse patch work neck designs Technical Guide 19The edition is browsed by clicking on Edición y Archivo.
But ideally the underlying XML structure would be visualized in the same edition page as a fourth view option.
5: Screenshot of the critical text in the left column 22With respect to the critical text, the editor created a positive apparatus that is displayed in a pop-up window in yellow when the user hovers over the text.
The edition presents the editors hypotheses regarding the text, for instance, by showing the reader the editors view of the chronological sequence of textual interventions.Finea is the lady of little sense referred in the title, who has inherited a considerable fortune, whereas Nise is a more educated, but poorer lady lacking suitors.Moreover, the structural set-up of the edition should allow for a straightforward addition of further documents, should new research questions about the transmission of La dama boba arise.The editor chose the autograph dated in 1613 as the base text and he aimed to establish a critical text but also give access to the two documents that he collated.In the section Por qué una edición digital?, the editor states explicitly cmat 2012 question paper pdf that the edition is aimed at scholars and researchers and that its focus is the textual transmission of the play.The appearance is very neat and it highlights the title, the members of the team, and the institutional partners.Finally, the expansion of the documentation and a description of the encoding model of the text would notably increase the value of this edition.Sinopsis del libroLa dama boba ha sido una de las piezas dramáticas de Lope de Vega que ha mantenido una estimación y valor permanentes en el género de capa y espada.10In the section La tradición textual, the editor also describes the sources and presents his hypothesis on the variants.
These criticisms notwithstanding, the contents are clearly licensed, the resource has a persistent identifier (DOI) and the main information necessary for citation is always visible.In contrast, the addition of an index of named entities would be appreciated by those users aiming to study the text from a literary point of view.It goes without saying that these copies contained abundant errors.The editor argues that Lope revised the original during the printing process of the editio princeps by 1617.6: Schreenshot of the advanced search showing the occurrence of the term luz (light) 23 La dama boba: edición crítica y archivo digital also provides an advanced search interface.La dama boba (Lope de Vega, 2007).As such, the critical text is presented with an apparatus of variants and explanatory notes.9 In the transcriptions, the edition offers a modernized spelling of the full text of each document (with a few exceptions such as the authorial interventions contained in the manuscripts A and M).Portales: Clásicos en la Biblioteca Nacional de España.

To begin with, this new digital edition contains a number of explanatory materials about the plot, the number of verses and types of stanzas that all help the reader to appreciate the aesthetic value of the work.
In other words, the user has no access to the encoding of the three sources but only to the encoding of the edited text.