(2) Nothing contained in this Act prevents the court from giving effect to any alberta trust affecting the debt, sum of title money, annuity or damages in case the transferee holds it as trustee for any other person.
RSA 2000 cL4 s173;2005 c28 s7 Notice of action to Registrar 174 No action shall be brought against the Registrar under manual sections 168 and 171 unless 3 months previous notice in writing of the intended action and of its cause has been served on the Registrar.
The spouse could still sign a manual Land Transfer using the old name and signature.
(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2 before a memorandum of a condition or covenant may be entered on a certificate of title under subsection (2 certificates of title must exist for all the parcels of land affected by land the condition or covenant, including the parcel of land.
RSA 1980 cL5 s151;1982 c23 s26;1983 c46 alberta s2;1985 c48 s2(39) Attestation outside Alberta 156 Subject to section 159, every instrument executed procedure outside the limits of Alberta and that may be registered under this Act, shall be witnessed by one person, who shall sign the persons name.(3) The Registrar may reject any document submitted for filing or registration which is in the Registrars opinion for any reason unsuitable to be duplicated pursuant to section.(2) A registered owner subdividing volumetric space, other than mines and minerals lying on or under the surface of the land, into strata spaces shall present a plan of survey to the Registrar for registration under this Act.RSA 2000 cL4 s193;2009 c53 s95 Appeal Appeal from judges decision 194 An appeal, by the Registrar or any person directly interested in it, from any order or decision of a judge made or given under this Act, lies to the Court of Appeal within the.(2) An application for an order under subsection (1) may be made by (a) a person who caused a plan to be registered, (b) a person deriving title to or some other interest in any land shown on a plan, (c) an Alberta land surveyor.RSA 1980 cL5 s136;1982 c23 s24;1988 c27 s52;1996 c32 s5(23) Lapse of caveat 138 (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section and except in the case of a caveat lodged by the Registrar, as provided in this Act, every caveat lodged against any land.RSA 2000 cL4 s187;2009 c53 s95 Entry of correction 188 (1) In the correction of any error or in the making of any cancellation, correction or completion or in the making of any entry or addition, the Registrar shall keep a record of the original.(2) Any 2 or more persons registered as joint owners of land held by them as trustees may by writing under their hand authorize the Registrar to enter the words no survivorship on the certificate of title.(2) A mortgage or encumbrance shall (a) contain an accurate statement of the estate or interest intended to be mortgaged or encumbered, and (b) give a description of the land intended to be dealt with that is sufficient to identify the land, and a memorandum.

(3) A transfer made pursuant to subsection (1) or an instrument made pursuant to subsection (2) shall (a) give a description of eset the land that is sufficient to identify crack it, and (b) contain an accurate statement of the estate or interest home intended to be transferred.
2015 c12 s3 Recovery of money paid out of General Revenue Fund 182 (1) When any amount has been paid out of the General Revenue Fund pursuant to section 175 on account of any person, the amount may be recovered from the person,.
RSA 1980 super cL5 s102;1991 c18 s48 Surrender of lease 100 underwriting (1) When a lease or demise required to be registered by this Act is intended to be surrendered and its surrender is effected otherwise than through the operation of a surrender in law, the Registrar.
(2) Subject to section 191, the Registrar shall (a) enter on the certificate smart of title a memorandum cancelling the certificate of title, in whole or in part, according to the terms of the judgment, and (b) issue a new certificate of title to the person.
1983 c46 s2 Effect of failure to comply with attestation requirements 160 Failure to comply with section 155 or 156 or an attestation requirement under another Act, its predecessor or a regulation does not, for that reason only, affect the validity of any registered instrument including.RSA 1980 cL5 s69 Memorandum of easements on certificate 67 When an easement or an incorporeal right in or over land for which a certificate of title has been granted is created for the purpose of being annexed to or used and enjoyed together with other.RSA 1980 cL5 s155;1994 cG8.5 s40 Accounting for money received 166 The Registrar shall keep a correct account of all sums of money received by the Registrar in accordance with this Act and shall pay the money to the Crown in the manner directed by the.(2) In the case of a caveat in which (a) the nature of the interest claimed is (i) an easement, (ii) a party wall agreement, (iii) an encroachment agreement, or (iv) a restrictive covenant magazine running with or capable of being annexed to land, and (b) .(2) If an adverse claim is filed, the judge shall proceed to examine into and adjudicate on it, and no certificate of title shall be granted until the adverse claim has been disposed.RSA 1980 cL5 s117;1988 c27 s44 Tenure of person bluetooth registered in place of deceased owner 118 (1) Any person registered in place of a deceased owner shall hold the land in respect of which the person is registered, on the trusts and for the purposes.

(2) If the person on whose behalf the caveat has land title procedure manual alberta been filed is a minor without a guardian or a represented adult without a trustee, the court may by an ex parte order direct that the application be served on the Public Trustee, or some.
(3) When the judge requires a person or deponent to appear before the judge in person the judge may issue a summons requiring the person or deponent to appear before the judge at a time and place to be specified to testify as to what.