legend patch v 1.2

When the legend unit is commanded down from legend the wall or building they will automatically remount their patch horse.
User is now able to click anywhere on barracks slider to snap to that point.
Map Editor: The Destroy/Normal/Collapsing button appears correctly on-screen.Fixed issue where Octanes Stim trail would still linger after death.Below is a breakdown of patch what's available in the Legendary Hunt Event as well legend as patch notes for a collection of fixes and quality of life additions to Apex.Structures change territory colour when the territory is changed around patch them.Improved skydiving legend so it should feel more responsive and smooth.

Improved server performance for some cases of short rubberbanding when using items.
This update adds a legend map transfer system, GUI enhancements, control improvements, gameplay and editor tweaks, bug fixes, and more.
Added story voice over lines that will callout Jump Towers when you short ping them.
Bats harassing has been improved.
Multiplayer - When you are in the game, all players are now able to tell who story is on what team.AI troops now try and stop you converting nearby troops using the creeper.AI witches will move to attack when being targeted from the keep.Issue with story troops floating in mid-air on destroyed towers has been fixed.Finish in the Top 5 in an Apex Elite match.Building a wall in front of an oil tipper issue fixed.The player is unable to order the dragon to attack structures.The Character Marker Proximity trigger for Dietrich, Arthur, and Vlad has been fixed.Fixed issue with players not receiving any XP for anything after a match and the Champion Bonus showing as -1XP.Then prove youre the best of the best by taking them all down!When clicking on a peasant short that says "Do you ever get that feeling of de ja vu?" there is no audio.PT Monday June 10 at 10:00.m.

Estates now display correctly in the mini-map using the carters post.
Fixed players being legend patch v 1.2 crushed by opening or closing doors when climbing onto a roof just above the door.