lords of magic patch 2.02

M, you will need the official.01 official patch first, however.
It also corrects problems where every other map was 'missed out' in the 'Play Now' Campaign.
This patch updates all previous version of Lords of Magic.
See included readme for details.
Top 2006 to present The Sierra Help Pages.Lords of the Realm, lords lords of the Realm (rlm102fd) (ZIP file) patch 255 KB, see the readme for more information.If you applied the LOM.0 patch you should patch download the LOM202A.EXE patch.Multiplayer Requirements: Windows 95 Modem or LAN.Please read the readme file for more information magic on this update.Lords of the Realm 2 Siege magic Pack.Updates the game to version.03.Lords of the Realm 2 Siege Pack - Update (l2siegpt) (ZIP file) magic 684 KB, this update allows two players lords to skirmish (with Lords of the Realm 2 Siege Pack only) with 1 CD, resolves video pallet isuues with the Battle Map Editor, and multiplayer problems.Lords of Magic - Update 1 (lomv103b) (ZIP file) 6MB, no discription available.Lords of Magic Special Edition Lords of Magic Special Edition (lomse301) (ZIP file).09MB Lords of Magic Special Edition.01 Update.

It contains many enhancements and bug fixes for single and multiplier.
Lords of the Realm.
Lords para of the Realm 3 (lotr3_update_us_101) foldable (ZIP file).48MB, lords of the Realm.01 update.
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