manual de rome total war barbarian invasion

Foederati Cavalry, attack: 6 total Defense: 14 Charge: 5 Armor: 3 Cost: 470 Upkeep: total 304.
Noble Clansmen Attack: 10 Defense: 19 Charge: 6 Armor: 6 Cost: 810 Upkeep: 210 Factions: Celts Noble Clansmen are much like the manual other noble troops.
They are great for smashing into the rear of engaged units too usually routing them.
As always try to keep them out of missiles.
This cavalry just do not die.They are better at charging over and over but they can mix it up in a melee decently.Use them for all manual the normal heavy cavalry tasks.Some of these units are good only for chasing routers and killing missiles, but some are much better than others at flanking even tougher rome units.You can enable fire at will and halt them near the enemy if you want to shoot them instead, but you will have barbarian to manually keep them away from the enemy if you want to avoid melee.Barbarian cavalry are a lot like their RTW predecessors and are becoming rather outclassed and obsolete.Also it just looks plain odd to see Romans using clubs.These guys are covered in armor: they have the highest armor barbarian in the game and amazing defense, but their attack is still useless and their charge is low as well so they are mostly useless in battle, as they are slow tough cavalry that cant.Use them much like Noble Cavalry as your do anything troops but try to keep them supported.Steppe Nobles Attack: 10 Defense: 22 Charge: 6 Armor: 9 Cost: 970 Upkeep: 204 Factions: Vandals, Slavs Steppe Nobles are tougher than Steppe Warriors and have the same stats as a lot of other heavy cavalry.They still lack heavy armor so keep them away from missiles.Note that all the units here are very expensive and have high upkeep.

Faction: Berbers, moorish Raiders are very good server light cavalry as they have a lot of defense for their drum class and still server have good attack but only light armor which makes their very good defense even full more impressive.
Their charge is also fabulous nothing special, but they are good enough to flank engaged units as well as chasing routers and attacking missiles.
Their attack is lower than most and their defense isnt as high.
They have good attack and defense and are well armored.While these cavalry are referred to as light cavalry because of their low armor, some of them are clearly superior, because of better team defense skill or differences in armor.Their attack is a bit low compared to other super heavy cavalry, besides the Roman ones but they still have the second heaviest armor in the game, an awesome charge and can fight better in melee than the roman cavalry.Use them to charge unit non spear units and then leave them in the melee as they are better in it than the charge.To demonstrate just how tough this unit is, even without shields, I set one invasion unit of these men on hold fire and had them stand there getting shot by four units of Eastern Archers.They are really useful only for chasing routers as even archers will kill quite a few.