2) plasma plasma To stop the unit when the electrode is so worn that it is required to be replaced.
Dependence of heat-up temperature, T, of elements of jet unit on magnitude of working current, I, and pressure of cooling air, p: - - ) T f(p - - -) F f(I I) plasma adapter nut; II) shell; Ill) jet; 1,2) at p 5 and.
Cutting should be done manual manual over manual a water reservoir so that the particles removed plasma from the cut will fall in the water.
Again the nozzle is left to carry more current than intended, damaging.Never use a leaking or damaged regulator.Feeding pressure must not exceed 120 PSI (8bar/0.8 MPa) Handle or use pressure cylinders in conformity with the existing rules.In work with the KDP-2 assem- bly, cutting the compressed air, in addition to cooling, serves for additional arc stabilization.If this is not the case, change the connections on the change voltage terminal board inside the equipment.If the plasma gas is not swirled, results would be a bevel on both sides of the cut.

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Wear no full turn-up trousers to prevent sparks and metal to deposit in them.
Cutter of boeing KDP-2 assembly.
When cool water comes in contact with the high temperature arc, a steam layer keygen between the arc and nozzle bore is formed.
Set the cutting current by means of the knob.S.Fit note: to work in hazardous areas.To cut steel, cast iron, or crack brass one can use nitrogen with success.Press torch button to start pilot arc, if cutting does not start after 2 or 3 seconds, maintenance the pilot arc turns off and the button should be pressed again to repeat the operation.The welding machine adds electricity which forms a circuit with the metal to be cut.The introduction of a shield gas will snowblower further constrict and cool the nozzle.Do not cut plated metals or metals containing lead, graphite, cadmium, zink, agendus chrome, quicksilver or beryllium unless you have a proper windows breathing set.Never use the unit when one of them is damaged.The esab Solution esab's m3 plasma system fully automates the plasma cutting process, making it easy to set up all of the process variables discussed above, and achieve consistent cut quality.