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My boss my hero episode 10 sub indo

However, despite the resemblance in formula with say, gokusen, i think this one managed to pull it off the best.
Great acting by Nagase Tomoya (superb expressions).
It's pretty action packed and with lots of humor so it's rather well-balanced.Rating: 8 /10 Funny one.Rating: 10 /10 It was the best comedy drama I watched.Nagase's facial expressions in this drama were brilliant, and scored huge points in making me literally laugh out loud.Diz drama will make patch usaf instructor scroll laughig all the time!I will watch this drama whenever i feel stress because it will make feel laugh and i will forget everything.
The review section may contain spoilers!Loads of funny scene.Comments by Sleepingstar Rating: 7 /10 After first episode thought this was almost complete.I never bored watched this drama.One can definitely 'get' something after watching this drama.Read all 374 comments from users Users who voted for this drama ( 223 ).I'd recommend this drama to fans of Nagase Tomoya.The storyline could have been 1999 ford fiesta owners manual much more, the students could have been explored much more, the ending could have been more dramatic, but it wasn't.Do not proceed if you do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!I used to smile watching dorama like GTO live etc.Comments by Sorata Rating: 10 /10 This is by far the most funny dorama i watched, like i say all the time Nagase Tomoya was born to play funny Yakuza parts, he just do it better than anyone else(watch Tiger Dragon as well).