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Nikon d40 manual mode aperture

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Use the advanced exposure modes on your Nikon D40 or D40X digital camera a couple of ways: Adjust the aperture ( f -stop) to one piece episode 489 english subbed manipulate depth of field (the zone of sharp focus and adjust shutter speed to determine if moving objects appear sharply focused.You can change it's brightness along with the flash button.Now you'll have motion blurring behind the frozen flash image.I prefer my D200, which rarely requires any correction.The best way to avoid dark backgrounds with the D40 is to use an external flash like the SB-400 and bounce it off the ceiling (flip it up).In the USA, call (800) nikon-UX, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.OFF is a lock to prevent accidental operation.Press the "?" button and your D40 will tell you what's on its mind!Rotate the mode dial.
People presume photos are made the instant a flash fires, then leave.
This only affects photos as you take them.From top left to bottom right: (Play) Button This plays an image, or stops playing an image.This normally blinks when the D40 is turned on or off or wakes up to shoot.AE-L AF-L / Key Button (Top Right Center) This can lock the focus and/or exposure or turn on the autofocus.Secret RGB histogram trick: In playback, the OK button calls up the Retouch Menu.This excellent feel and interaction is a strong reason why I like my D40 so much, and prefer it to my doubly expensive D80.Red-Eye slow (eye and slow icon This is the slow mode and redeye.Have a look at most issues of National Geographic and you'll see many indoor shots made in this mode.Use the Up/Down/Left/Right/OK buttons.