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No regrets ace frehley pdf

Ace Frehley is why r4 sdhc dual-core smart update software I play guitar.
Everybodys gotta hear what youre coming up with for the big step on a crack myth solo show!
ACE is back and he told you so With a trooper in the mirror And Satan on my right We went wrong way down a one-way road Hittin everything in sight I cried I am invincible Said I was high above the law But.Highly recommended for Ace fans.more.I knew a lot about the bickerings within kiss beforehand, but this memoir shed more light.Ace was hilarious and after all was said and done he writes, "How seriously can you take yourself when you're sitting there in a superhero costume and full face makeup?" "Gene never got it" is a recurring refrain throughout the memoir, and Ace is well.Youre a true star in every sense!So they decided that for the films purposes, Frehley was, in the words of an early draft of the script, monosyllabic and super-friendly Communicating largely through gestures and sounds, Ace might be best described as an other-galactic Harpo Marx.Better practice all your big guitar solos for the big solo album, huh, Slugger?!Frehleys memoir is worth the read and you wont regret giving it a chance.
No Regrets, A Rock n Roll Memoir he divulges everything from his drastic self-destructiondesecrating his Delorian to passing crotch crabs between band members via the costume suitcases.
Ill let you figure out which.
So I imagine that what actually gets Frehleys rocks off these days is imagining a scenario like the following: Frehley is awakened late at night by a familiar, regretful voice on the phone.No Regrets, A Rock n Roll Memoir by Ace Frehley (with Joe Layden and John Ortrosky) - VH1 Books (2011).From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search.No Regrets was written by Sober Ace, a sane, reflective chap in a tweed jacket who is nowhere near as interesting as Space Ace.Frehley was kicked out of Kiss for being too crazy.There reached a point, however, where Frehley couldnt swallow any more compromises or insults to his voluminous ego, and he and the band split ways.The legendary guitar god who exceeded manual teacher training yoga bali all limits and lived to tell takes fans on a wild ride through kisstory.Some fans might not appreciate his insights on the way he felt Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley treated him after he left the band.His rock and roll story is one of interest for musicians, aspiring guitarists and the kiss army the multitude of fans.Ive spent the last few years in intense therapy trying to figure out why I behaved so abhorrently.Neither of you really get it now.He thought disco was a stupid, counterproductive direction for Kiss to take, but he shrugged and went along with.Scooby-Doo was a dumb idea, but he shrugged and went along with.She lives in Sugar Notch,.Ace discusses this famous interview.