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Delete Data Tables, queries Users can access delete data from a table or query.
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Object permissions reference The following table lists the setup permissions that you can set setup for a database and the objects in the database, and it describes the effect or result of using setup each permission setting.Any user who has Administer permissions for the object.Use the Save In list to find a location in which to save the converted setup database.When you take those steps, users must log in with a password whenever they open the protected database.You should access keep this report in a secure location.Set user-level access security or, remove user-level security, later in this article.In later versions, if you open a database created in an earlier version of Access, and that database has user-level security applied, that security feature will work as designed for that database.Yes, it is a Terminal Server, and I had heard rumors that there was a "switch" that you can enter in the command line during setup to install on a Win.0.For queries, setup users must have permissions to insert data into the parent tables or queries.

User-level security recognizes two types of permissions: ford explicit and implicit.
In Access 2003 or earlier versions, when you generator implement user-level security in an Access database, a database administrator windows or an object's owner can control the actions that individual users, or groups of users, can perform on the tables, queries, forms, reports, and macros in the.
Users The group account comprising all update user accounts.
This setting implies both Read Data and Read Design permissions.
Important: In Access 2007 or later versions, if you use the User-Level Security wizard to specify a default workgroup information file, you must also use the /wrkgp command-line switch to point elwin to your workgroup information file when you start Access.Note: The information in this article applies only windows to a database created in Access 2003 or earlier versions (an.mdb file).An account that owns a database can always ford open that database.Save a copy of the file in the.accdb format Click the File tab.Implementing that type of user-level security can become a complex task.A user who can log on by generator using the administrator account can always get full permissions for any tables, queries, forms, reports, and macros that were created in the workgroup.Windows 2000 SP3, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.Account Function Admin The default user account.